Undiscovered Greece in Autumn Photo Tour

Zagori in slavic means 'The place behind the mountains' and this is exactly where this workshop is taking place. In a relatively unknown part of Europe away from tourists and distractions Zagori awaits to be explored by true adventurers. Surrounded by mountains with jagged peaks above 2000m and a variety of vegetation ranging from low bush to huge centenarian trees this area, riddled with tiny picturesque villages, stone bridges and rivers is Greece’s best hidden secret.

The workshop will take place in two locations allowing us to cover a wide area of the region and also minimise time spent in transit. The adventure begins at the picturesque village of Kapesovo in the central Zagori area where I am lucky to call home. It is located at the top of a hill overlooking beautiful sceneries surrounded by forest and deep canyons and is in short driving distance to all the main attractions of the central Zagori.

Our second part of the journey will take us to the west of mount Tymfi where we will be staying at the village of Aristi overlooking the 'Towers' of Papingo, one of the most impressive features of the mountain in the west Zagori region.

Early November finds Zagori region dressed in colours of gold and rust with veins of emerald green zig-zagging the canvas. Winter is at the doorstep and the autumn storms that hit the mountain every so often leave behind playful low clouds moving inside Vikos gorge, impressive skies and a feeling of euphoria for being a witness to such beauty, a key ingredient in the creative process that you will learn during the workshop.

And being creative is what we aim for in our workshops. With everything being taken care of, transportation, accommodation, meals, all that is required of you is relax, be open to the stimuli emerging from the land and dare to look deep within. Be in tune with nature and with the help of our guidance find your unique vision and style. The schedule is structured to maximize our time spent in nature and our opportunity to create meaningful images and also time to improve on your skills both during the sessions and after while post processing. Konstantinos Vasilakis is a local to the area, knows it like the back of his hand and his assistance in everything photography related and not will be given freely should you require it.

Workshop Includes
• Landscape photography tuition
• Local transpiration to and from all the shooting locations
• Post-processing sessions in Lightroom and Photoshop
• All accommodation in your own room in luxury traditional guesthouses
• All dinners including breakfast
• Airport pick up and drop off

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