Tigers And Birds of India Photo Tour Jan 2020

India is home to most of the tigers left in the wild and this photo tour brings you into the thick of their habitat. You will photograph Bengal tigers. These cats are impressive and staggeringly beautiful to behold! Until you have seen one in the wild, the fullness of their grandeur doesn’t truly hit you. The experience of seeing these large predators and their interactions with the other wildlife – and with one another – in no way compares to viewing captive animals at game farms or at a zoo. This experience is a must-do for any wildlife lover, especially feline lovers.

In addition to at least 14 safaris, each photographer enjoys one full-day permit with no zone restrictions. This special permit provides you with the very same access as National Geographic photographers and BBC film crews.

I am also offering an optional extension to Pench Tiger Reserve. More info on my website.

Limited to 8 travellers (all-inclusive, double occupancy).

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