Summer Landscapes of Mt Rainier Photo Tour Aug 2020

Majestic Mt. Rainier rises 14,410' above beautiful subalpine meadows, covered in a colorful display of summer wildflowers. These stunning meadows are but a small part of this diverse landscape. Join William as he guides photographers through the many wonders of this breathtaking park from awesome views of Mt. Rainier to the ancient alpine forests that lie in the shadows beneath.

Mt Rainier is the tallest glaciated peak in the lower 48 states. Your journey goes well beyond the roadways that traverse the park. We will explore the meadows at Paradise where the fields are covered in wildflowers. We will capture the first rays of light at Reflection Lakes as morning mist rises above the reflections. You will discover creative ways to capture the beautiful streams and waterfalls.

The Sunrise region of Mt Rainier is highest point in the park that can be reached via roadway. For those willing to take short hikes beyond the roadways, you can explore quiet meadows by following trails above the Sunrise visitor center.

Our Mentorship Programs are designed to accommodate all skill levels. There is some hiking involved but most paths are easy. There will be a day spent on the sand dunes which may be challenging but anyone in moderately good health should have no problem if you take your time. There may be a couple of locations some may deem to be steep. If this is the case there are usually plenty of views along the road or trail to photograph. Join us on this fun and rewarding photo journey.

Leader and Mentor: William Manning
• Transportation and lodging is included
• Devoted to helping participants to see creatively and become better photographers
• Friendly, approachable and always there with you
• My Destination Photography Mentorship Programs are well scouted, planned and rewarding
• After our time together on location, each participant receives 3 one hour sessions of one on one mentoring via Skype where I share my computer screen demonstrating editing, processing and creative techniques. Participant also receives 2 critiques of their work with live feedback. Participants get up to 90 days after our time together on location to use this learning resource.

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