Northern Lights of Alaska Photo Workshop • USA November 2023 By Arizona Highways PhotoScapes


$4195 USD

Group Size

10 Persons

The Northern Lights – Aurora borealis – are some of the most magical and awe-inspiring subjects in the night sky. The excitement of photographing the flickering curtain of lights dancing across the sky cannot be compared to any other type of photography, day or night. The vivid colors of green, yellow, blue, purple and red moving through the sky can be seen in the far northern latitudes, and during this workshop we will be in the interior of Alaska, the location of choice for shooting the Aurora because of the high percentage of clear days through the year.

Beth Ruggiero-York, instructor and author of ‘Fun in the Dark: A Guide to Successful Night Photography’ has visited Alaska many times and will give participants practical, hands-on assistance in the best techniques for photographing the Northern Lights. Participants will also learn essential techniques for night shooting and composing.

Beginning in Fairbanks we will get our bearings for shooting the Aurora in sub-zero temperatures and learn the best techniques for capturing this magical display of light in her opening presentation. After getting acclimated the group will travel to Chena Hot Springs resort for three days of fun in the snow and capturing the Northern Lights at one of the best locations in the world. The resort has several winter activities available to fill any free time you have when you are not catching up on sleep after being up very late or into the early morning to shoot the Aurora. One night we will take snow coaches to the top of a mountain to take in the Aurora.

After three days and nights at Chena Hot Springs we will return to Fairbanks to photograph the Northern Lights above the Alaskan pipeline.

Check off this bucket list trip and take home amazing images of the Aurora Borealis.


25 Nov 2023


7 Days

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