Okavango Delta Photo Tour March 2022

Join us in 2022 in Botswana for a photographic safari adventure crafted to put you in a combination of exciting environments for outstanding photography.

This safari is timed just after the February rains. The areas we visit will be lush with new rainfall. The animals will be healthy – vegetarians from the rampant growth of plants and carnivores from the wealth of vegetarians to eat! This is the best time to photograph a huge variety of birds as migrants and resident birds are both nesting. And, the Chobe River is likely to be swollen from the recent rainfall, enabling us to photograph birds, hippos, elephants and crocodiles from our special photography boat.

We have designed this safari with three important components, and a bonus. First, we will cruise the Chobe River on houseboat – you can set up tripods on the deck – but more importantly we have secured photography boats with swivel seats and gimbal mounts and we will take those boats close up to all kinds of great action. Elephants from the water side, amazing fish eagles swooping to catch fish, nile crocodiles basking or feasting and close-ups of kingfishers and red bishops at nesting sites.

We will also take small planes deep into the Okavango Delta for a wealth of photographic experiences, again from boats. Birds, ungulates, elephants, crocodiles, perhaps a predator, some outstanding scenery and water level photography from mokoros! A great place to photograph the milky way far away from city lights and with great foregrounds!

Then, another hop in a small plane and we are in the Moremi area of the Okavango with explorations by both boat and safari vehicle. Our past visits have yielded outstanding lions, leopards and wild dogs. Beautiful ungulates. A wide variety of birds nesting! And we will be there when the animals have just had a break from visitors as the whole area closes down for the rains!

Then, one more small plane ride back to Kasane and our transfer to Victoria Falls. Yes, that’s the bonus. Not only time next to the falls but also a sunset river cruise above the falls!

We set out to design the Botswana safari of a lifetime. As you can imagine, this is a complex set of logistics. All those plane rides, the outstanding remote lodges and a dedicated houseboat with photography skiffs are necessary to accomplish that. This safari is set in outstanding spots, at the perfect moments, and put together in a way that your mind only has to focus on how to manage all those images and the next opportunity.

Our limits for this group are based on four client rooms on the houseboat with capacity of eight! Read the tea leaves and secure your space early!

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