Patagonia Photo Workshop April 2021

This is how Jules Verne described Patagonia in his unforgettable book “The Children of Captain Grant”: “The Argentinian pampas stretch from 29 to 40 southern latitude. “Pampas” is an Araucanian word meaning “a plain of grass”. This kind of name is the best to go with this place. Mimosa bushes in its western part and magnificent long grass in its eastern part give it a special look. All these plants penetrate with their roots deep into the earth under which there is a layer of red and yellow clay and sandy soil. The American pampas is a very special geographical phenomenon just like the savannas of the Lake District or the Siberian steppes. It is typical for the continental climate of pampas to have more severe winters and more sultry summers than in the province of Buenos Aires.

The most beautiful places of this planet are probably there, exactly on our route. Fitz Roy glowing in the morning light, ice lagoons with huge turquoise pieces of ancient ice-houses floating in their untroubled waters. Impenetrable acacia bushes burning in autumn fires and the Chile Cuernos Mountains standing upright, cutting up with their sharp blades the glorious morning clouds dashing straight into their faces. Words are not enough to describe this! For decades, or maybe even centuries, the bravest romantic travellers dared to just give a sigh while reading again and again the novel by Jules Verne, whispering and chanting this frightening but still attractive and magnificent word: PA-TA-GO-NI-A.

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