7-Day New Zealand West Coast Wilderness Photo Tour Sep 2020

Join Ken Wright and Shaun Branett on this exceptional 7-day photography tour of the South Island’s wild West Coast. Timed at the end of winter, when the light is crisp and low, this West Coast Photography Tour offers excellent opportunities to capture the wild beaches of the area, its forests and waterfalls, as well as views of the snow-covered Southern Alps.

The South Island’s West Coast boasts more forests, mountains and protected lands than any other region of New Zealand. Very little of the region has been touched by man, resulting in some of the most incredible examples of native Aotearoa. The landscape is extremely unique and has inspired photographers for generations to travel the coast and immerse themselves in a sublime nature experience. On our route, wild and remote coastlines are flanked by primeval rainforests, with the high peaks and glaciers of the Southern Alps rising beyond.

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