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White Pocket on the Paria Plateau Photo Workshop

Hidden in the desert expanse of the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs National Monument near the Arizona/Utah border is a location known as White Pocket. There you will find some of the most strange and interesting rock formations in North America.

The mind boggling and ludicrous rock formations provide endless opportunity to photograph swirling, twisted, multicolored outcroppings. Often described as boiling cauliflower heads, brain rocks, swirling caramel ice cream and giant oyster shells, these formations are a photographer’s paradise.

The remoteness of White Pocket, its difficulty to find and the need for expert driving in high clearance 4WD vehicles, makes this area inaccessible to most photographers. We have arranged for an expert local outfitter to transport us to White Pocket, set up our camp and provide us amazing home cooked meals, toilets, chairs and tables, campfires, tents and sleeping bags. All you need to worry about is creating amazing images and having fun!

Our photographer, Suzanne Mathia, has been photographing White Pocket and the surrounding areas for many years. She will show you all the classic formations and some 'super secret' spots and vantage points. Suzanne will share with you formations such as Lollipop Rock, ET, Star Wars, Whimsical Hill, Stegosaurus Ridge, Rock Garden and the Alcove Hanging Garden as well as what Suzanne refers to as the Oyster Beds.

Due to the frequent sold out status of this workshop we have schedule three dates on May 3-6, May 7-9, and September 12-15, 2019. So don’t delay in registering for this magical photo workshop.

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