Great Smoky Mountains Photo Tour May 2020

Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains is a photographer favorite. Spring colors canvas the surroundings with verdant green vegetation and a palette of colorful soft hues. This southern mountain region is tangled in countless streams which flow at their best after the winter's snow melt and late spring flowers carpet the hillsides. This will truly be a fun and rewarding hands-on photography workshop allowing beginners lots of time to ask questions and practice what they are learning.

Having photographed this park for over 25 years, I find mid to late spring my favorite time for beautiful forest canopy, streams flowing at normal water levels and minimal crowds. Our classroom is the trails and meadows that make up this incredible park.

Expect to be the focus of attention. Your photography is paramount and it's my job to provide the answers that allow you to grow as a photographer. Participants receive an abundance of one on one instruction in the field along with group discussions. You will discover the artist within and build on your skills. Mastering your tools in the field and knowing what they can do for you is the foundation to a successful photo journey. Photographers want to be behind their camera, therefore I make every effort to maximize our time in the field and teach with a hands-on approach. Learning to see and knowing what to do once you identify your subject is the stepping stone to building a work of art.

Leader and Mentor: William Manning
• Transportation and lodging Included
• Devoted to helping participants to see creatively and become better photographers
• Friendly, approachable and always there with you
• My Destination Photography Mentorship Programs are well scouted, planned and rewarding
• After our time together on location, each participant receives 3 one hour sessions of one on one mentoring via Skype where I share my computer screen demonstrating editing, processing and creative techniques. Participant also receives 2 critiques of their work with live feedback. Participants get up to 90 days after our time together on location to use this learning resource.

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