Badlands National Park Photo Workshop June 2020

Once the site of an ancient sea, the South Dakota Badlands have been transformed over thousands of years into the land you see today. Layers of sediment and ash were eroded away leaving behind multi-colored mounds, pillars and boulders balanced on pedestals of stone. Eroded canyons and isolated buttes stand as testament to the power of the wind and rain.

At first glance the land seems sterile, yet close examination reveals a variety of wildlife. Agile bighorn sheep scale steep canyon walls. Pronghorn antelope and bison graze on the succulent grasslands while hawks circle overhead. Prairies come alive with chirping black-tailed dogs, the elusive black-footed ferret and subtle wildflowers.

Emerge yourself in the topography of sharply eroded buttes, mixed grass prairie and barren pinnacles to capture the many colors of vibrant daybreaks and seductive sunsets – a landscape photographers dream!

This workshop is designed for all nature photographers at all levels and ages. There will be a small amount of hiking on boardwalks over rocky areas but mostly on level, well-worn paths. An understanding of basic photography principles is recommended.

• Wildlife expert, trip leader/instructor, Sandy Zelasko, who will work to get you in the right place at the right time for the best imagery and comprehensive adventure
• Multiple field sessions, personal photographic instruction and image reviews as schedule permits
• 25+ years of instructional experience, insured, licensed, CPR/AED/First Aid certified and a National Park permit holder
• Snacks and water during the workshop
• An enthusiastic, passionate and experienced nature photographer at your side!

Don’t miss the extended two-day wildlife photo workshop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota immediately following. More details at

“We know you have many workshop choices and appreciate your consideration!” Sandy

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