Katmai Alaska Bears Wild Photography Adventure July 2022 By Nature Photography Adventures


$9,990 USD

Group Size

4-7 Persons

Each summer the world’s biggest run of sockeye salmon leave the north Pacific Ocean and makes its way up the rivers of the Katmai Peninsula of Alaska, spreading into streams and lakes to spawn. Brown bears, normally solitary creatures, congregate to meet the surge of fish – and gorge themselves to prepare for the long Alaska winter.

This adventure is timed to put us in the right places at the right time as the salmon and bears collide – using float planes position us precisely for great photography. We will be up close to a large number of brown bears to capture images as they catch and eat salmon, but also as these solitary creatures find themselves all wanting to be in the same place at the same time. The bear to bear interactions can be outstanding!

We will also find mothers teach cubs to fish, young males displaying who is stronger this year, and humor as bears try to intercept fish jumping up brooks falls – the views of Alaska’s vast wilderness from low flying float planes are absolutely inspiring!

We allow enough time so you will be able to review today’s images and make technical improvements for tomorrow.

Great food, great lodge, great pilots, great scenery – and incredible bear activity!

Look at the images on our web page! Check out our article in Wild Planet. Then join us!

$9,990 USD Per Person Double Occupancy, $11,490 USD Single Occupancy


31 July 2022


7 Days

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