Beautiful Oregon Coast Photo Tour April 2020

The Oregon coast stretches 363 miles and runs from the Columbia River to the California border. It is considered by many to be the most scenic sea coast in the lower 48 states. This coastline is an inspiring landscape abundant with wild and beautiful subjects from ancient old growth forests, sand dunes, tide pools, lighthouses, roaring wave action and graphic landscapes. There is no shortage of places to explore. Natural and made-made communities along this Pacific coast need the sea for survival and both offer a colorful and ever changing environment for us to enjoy on this beautiful coastal photo tour.

It is difficult to select a handful of locations from the many that are worthy of photographing. This is why our tour gives participants the opportunity to explore many more locations than what a limited two or three day workshop would provide. We'll spend 2 overnights in Lincoln City, 2 overnights in Florence and 2 in Bandon. The will give us the advantage of exploring and photographing many more locations which are all uniquely different. If you’re traveling a long distance to Oregon, you want to take in as much as possible and this is why our photo tour is designed in this manner.

Our Oregon Coast Photography Mentorship Program is designed to accommodate all skill levels. There is some hiking involved, most are easy but there will be a day spent on the sand dunes which may be challenging but anyone in moderately good health should have no problem if you take your time. There may be a couple locations some may deem to be steep but if this is the case there are usually plenty of views along the road or trail to photograph. Join us on this fun and rewarding photo journey.

Leader and Mentor: William Manning
• Transportation, lodging and meals Included
• Devoted to helping participants to see creatively and become better photographers
• Friendly, approachable and always there with you
• My Destination Photography Mentorship Programs are well scouted, planned and rewarding
• After our time together on location, each participant receives 3 one hour sessions of one on one mentoring via Skype where I share my computer screen demonstrating editing, processing and creative techniques. Participant also receives 2 critiques of their work with live feedback. Participants get up to 90 days after our time together on location to use this learning resource.

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