Mongolia Photo Workshop • August 2023 By Kah-Wai Lin Photo Tours


$6,599 USD

Group Size

12 Persons

Mongolia is known as a country with the last true nomad and a great history of Chinggis Khaan! It is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Mongolia is a unique and relatively unexplored travel destination that offers a great combination of scenic landscape, nomadic lifestyle and rich culture!

The first part of our adventure is the private Golden Eagle Festival in West Mongolia. You will witness the cultural heritage of Kazakhs, their ancient art of eagle falconry, as well as the breathtaking landscape of the Altai Mountain Range.

The second part of our adventure is the Gobi Desert, where you will have the rare opportunity to photograph the local Mongolian as they are herding the Bactrian camels across the Khongor sands in South Mongolia.

Get yourself ready and be inspired by the beauty of Mongolia. Join us on an 11-day photography workshop for a unique experience and learn cultural, portrait and landscape photography with some of the best photographers on earth!


16 Aug 2023


11 Days


  1. Dennis H. Miller on

    OK, thanks. Naadam is really a priority and I understand there are smaller, similar festivals at other locations at the same time. Thanks very much, Dennis

    • The Nadaam Festival is in June and the golden eagle festival is in October. We don’t run the tour at these festivals because they are too crowded for photography. We do organize our own private golden eagle festival during our photo tour, with 10-15 eagle hunters perform like in the real festival, and work with us for getting great images. Check out our images at:

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