Arizona’s Infrared Sampler Photo Workshop • USA April 2022 By Arizona Highways PhotoScapes


$2,695 USD

Group Size

10 Persons

Capture some of Arizona’s most iconic images in infrared with travel photographer Kerrick James. With stops in Sedona, Flagstaff, Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly you will see these stunning landscapes in a whole new way without the need to wait for sunrise or sunset. Mid-day shooting is a-okay!

Kerrick shares all you need to know below to get geared up for this fantastically fun workshop.

“In the dark days of film, shooting with Infrared was a process fraught with challenges and disappointments. I will not detail the frustrations of loading cameras in dark bags, keeping film cool and away from light, used red filters, plus exposure and processing issues and so on. I put up with all that back then because I loved the look of black and white monochrome infrared images. For some time now it has been far easier to capture monochrome and color infrared images thanks to several companies which modify camera sensors to respond only to certain wavelengths of light. The company that modified my Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera is called Life Pixel. You can learn a great deal about their camera modifications at It is possible to have your own camera modified, or buy new bodies from them which are pre-modified to the look you desire. Be aware that this is a one-way street though, as once the sensor is modified, that is locked in.

I work only with what Life Pixel calls Deep BW, details here: You don’t need to use a red or other filters to obtain rich, dark, even black skies. And, of course, foliage or any living thing that emits heat energy will glow in surreal light tones. I chose a 15mm semi-wide lens to pair with my APS-C sensor body for calibration, and that is the lens I use for nearly all my Monochrome Infrared shooting. Note that some lenses work in strange ways with the infrared light-gathering abilities of the modified sensor, which can create a visible ‘hot spot’ on your Raw file. More on that later, or study the LifePixel site

While it is possible to emulate the look of B&W infrared in post-processing software, I feel the finest results are obtained with a camera modified to capture Raw files, paired with a very good lens. The most creative and unusual imagery is possible with a quality Raw capture, and that will be our goal in this workshop. So, plan on either having one of your personal camera bodies modified or purchase a new modified body. The cost to modify your mirrorless or DSLR is around $275 – $350 USD, and they do them fairly quickly. LifePixel works with NASA, Boeing and so on, and does excellent and precise work. No matter which company you choose to modify your camera, be sure to test the capture and look of the images before the workshop, and perhaps bring some samples for us to view at the first trip meeting. There is a little bit to learn but, in truth, you will soon be watching for the right skies and scenes that cry out for B&W, (or Color), Infrared.”

Workshop includes:
• Pre-workshop webinar
• Photographic instruction
• 4 nights lodging based on single occupancy
• Round trip transportation from Phoenix
• Water, snacks and a group lunch and dinner
• Outfitter tours and gratuities
• Entrance fees and park permits
• Post-workshop critique

Picture ©Kerrick James


20 April 2022


5 Days

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