Death Valley and the Eastern Sierras Photo Tour Feb 2020

Join Myself and Jesse Moran for 5 days and nights amidst the most majestic mountains, with the most incredible sand dunes, salt basins and geology, and one eerie lake nestled within. The Eastern Sierra Nevada range is my favorite range of mountains in the lower 48 states. For the last several years I have come back again and again each time with a totally different set of eyes, and come away with a totally different set of images. Each time I learn more and more about myself, and this craft making more meaningful and impactful images.

Alongside me on this rare collaborative endeavor is my dearest friend Jesse Moran, whom has spent more time in these mountains than the animals that inhabit them. Growing up in California, this area was and is Jesse's church and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We will guide you both on the roads and off in some of the harshest, driest, highest, hottest, and most incredible landscapes the world has to offer.

Death Valley National park is one of the most stunning and unusual swaths of land in the country, from multi colored rocks, massive salt and mud playa's, as well as beautiful sand dunes, that at twilight show off their beautiful abstract curves and light play! The Alabama hills,  just a little further north into the amazing eastern Sierra-Nevada mountains is a massive granite play ground full of stunning arches and towering mountains! The cacti here serve as wonderfully interesting foregrounds. A little further north still sits a lake, an eerie and quiet lake, who's shores are dotted with incredibly unique sand formations, these formations are a sight to behold.

The first two days and nights will be spent in one of the most amazing, and interesting places I have ever been, Death Valley! From sweeping sand dunes, salt playas adorned with mysterious polygonal formations, valleys of massive mud cracks, mountains, marbled shale canyons, and endless skies! It could be hot, it could be cold, it could be calm, or windy, but that's what's amazing about this place, it always keeps you guessing, and learning! We will spend our first two days and nights here and will be based out of stovepipe wells, where we will have a store, restaurant, saloon, AC, and comfy queen beds to relax in!

On Thursday we will move north; Mountains, Amazing cloud formations, and granite boulder playgrounds are what you'll find at the foothills of Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney and where we will spend our second two days and nights. The Alabama Hills are like no place I have seen. Looming mountains you feel as though you could reach up and touch, and amazing, unique rock formations to fill the frame with. This amazing place is just a few minute drive from the town of Lone Pine, south of Bishop along the historic route 395.

For one night, our last night we will move north again to the far reaches of the 395 and at the entrance of the pass to Yosemite lies lake like none other, a lake where nothing lives in its waters, the salt and minerals forbid it. Shores lined with unique sand formations, alien like and unique from anything else these sand 'Tufas" make for incredible landscape scenes back dropped by snow capped peaks!

Here is what's included!
• All lodging! 2 nights in Death Valleys Stovepipe Wells Village hotel, followed by 2 nights at the Best Western in Lone Pine, California, and a night near Mono Lake in a double occupancy setting.
• As much knowledge as I can impart onto you, and as much as your brain can handle!
My brain is overflowing with so much 'stuff', and I can't wait to blow your minds!
• Post processing instruction
Screen recorded in Hi-res with audio available to download with practice files!
• A new outlook on photography
Seeing things in a way you haven't before, I will challenge you on this!
• All kinds of tips and tricks to enhance your workflow, your creativity, and skills!
Sometimes there are small tweaks and tricks that can have HUGE impacts on our work, and workflow, and sometimes they just come to mind away from the classroom!
• Camaraderie, and new friendships with other creative folks!
Maybe the best part about these workshops is the friendships and bonds I've formed with students!
• Beautiful memories and images to cherish long beyond the time together!

The tuition for this 5 day and 5 night workshop with lodging included is $2599.99 with a required, and non refundable deposit of $500.00 made at time of registration to hold your spot.

This workshop will be limited to 10 students to maximize personal attention!

**Transportation, food and drink will not be included, although we are requiring you have at least all wheel drive vehicles for this workshop. Please refer to the itinerary to ensure you have made travel, and vehicle accommodations to the nearest airports. 

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