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Louisiana Rookeries Photo Workshop

Your tour guide, Doug Hansgate, will work hard to get you to the best locations depending on weather and bird activity. I like to explore and will encourage you to look for a vision of an image, find still water and explore the best angle of light and composition. I will stay within our group to give you any assistance you might want. My focus is on you getting the shots, not me. Plus, since the tour is limited to 6 participants, you can be assured of individual attention.

Photography skill levels will range from expert to beginner. If you are a pro or less experienced, no worries … there is plenty of freedom to operate at your creative best. And if you are still eager to learn to improve your skills, consider arranging for private lessons from Doug Hansgate the day before or after the tour. Doug is an extraordinary teacher and has a gift for simplifying things that leads to fast improvement. Such lessons should be prearranged with Doug so they do not conflict with our other duties but those that take advantage of such lessons will find it time well spent.

You will need a variety of lenses on this trip. Plan for at least a wide angle and a zoom in the 70-300mm or 100-400mm range. I don't always use all of that but when I need to, I want to be ready. Also, a tripod and perhaps a remote release.

Most of the time you will shoot hand holding, sitting inside the kayak.

We use Native Ultimates kayaks, which are fantastic for photography. They are sit-inside kayaks and with your waterproof bag, you should be fine. It is not nearly as hard as you might think.

Since kayaks offer great mobility, we will move around most of the day to find the right spots. We are never in a hurry. Rest assured you can paddle at your own pace. A moderate level of fitness will be required. I will transport all the kayaks and have them ready for you at our launch points when you arrive.

We will head out into different rookeries twice a day, under early morning and late afternoon light. Each midday a class on post-production will be held where we will work with your images to suggest how to improve your work. Classes will vary depending on the attendees' prowess with editing, from beginner to very advanced techniques of luminosity masks.

Kayak rental, paddles, life vest and park launch fees
Photographic assistance, image reviews and coaching in the field
Daily post-production classes and review of your images
Daily group discussion about improving your images

Not included
Car rental, transportation to and from the airport, operating costs
Snacks and any alcoholic drinks
Waders and wet bag
Personal items
Trip insurance
Tips and gratuities
Anything not specified as included

Three day wildlife exploration and kayaking during the rookery season of Louisiana

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