Iceland Photography Workshop Nov 2020

During our Iceland Photography Workshop we will photograph the best-known and most iconic locations such as Kirkjufellsfoss, Jokulsarlon, Eystrahorn, Vestrahorn, Hvitserkur and more. We will work on the most impressive waterfalls such as Svartifoss, Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Gullfoss and we will portray the beauty of geysers, ice sculptures and the famous black beaches. During our time in Iceland I will help you photograph thoroughly some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet under the most beautiful, soft winter light.

During these 9 days of Iceland Photography Workshop we will have over 30 locations available to photograph on the southern side of Iceland, from Snaefelss Peninsula in the west to Eystrahorn in the east, to bring your vision to life. Don’t worry though, you will not go back home with the same images as everyone else. Thanks to my extensive knowledge of these iconic locations, I will help you create your own, unique photographs of the spectacular Icelandic landscape rather than just replicate a list of shots that others did before you.

During our Iceland Photography Workshop we will photograph every day, including the first and last day of the trip. Winter light in Iceland is simply amazing, and to take full advantage of it, we will go out for long sunrise and sunset sessions every day, adding as many daytime sessions as the winter Icelandic weather will allow us.

During our Iceland Photography Workshop we will do daily image review sessions, allowing me to help you create a strong, consistent portfolio as well as to give you my technical and artistic tips for our next sessions in the field. I will also walk you through my post-processing Workflow, demonstrating how to go from shooting to a powerful, impressive finished image in a few easy steps.

My Iceland Photography Workshop is open to everyone, from beginners to professionals. Thanks to my trademark small group size, limited to only 3 people, in Iceland you will have enough One-on-One time with me to make the most of your workshop without having to worry about either slowing the group down or being too advanced for the group. Of course, if three is still too large a group for you, we can organise a workshop One-on-One perfectly tailored on your level and requirements!

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  1. Hello Anand,

    Thank you for your interest. My Workshop in Iceland is between November 27 – December 5, 2020, and unfortunately before those dates I will be busy in Cornwall. I could organise a Workshop One-on-One in Iceland for you on November 24-26, three days. If interested, please follow the link:
    (the same you find in the page above) for instruction about how to organise a Workshop One-on-One.

    Looking forward to welcoming you onboard! Best regards,


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