Sitka Photo Tour Aug 2020

Do you like whales, otters, sea lions and seals? Do you like rain forests, harbors and fishing boats? Then Sitka in Alaska is the place for you. Early August is a great time to photograph humpback whales, salmon running up Indian Creek, fishing boats, the rain forest and sunsets from Harbor Mountain or from the nearby harbors. Plus, when it is really hot in the rest of the country, Sitka is usually very comfortable and perhaps even a little rainy.

This photo tour revolves around daily excursions on Sitka Sound photographing humpback whales along with other sea mammals. We will also see and photograph sea birds, the magnificent scenery, maybe other species of whales and also fishing boats.

On shore we will spend time in harbors, at the nearby Totem Park, the rain forest along Indian Creek and Sitka itself. We will also drive up Harbor Mountain for the stunning view and at least one sunset.

Daily boat trips will each last about 2 ½ to 3 hours. We will probably go out early in the morning a couple of times and once late in the afternoon. There are three trips planned with an extra day built in just in case we need a rain make-up day. And if we don’t need the rain day, you will have the option of booking a fourth day on the sound.

Tow tours: August 3-8, 2020 and August 8-13, 2020

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