Barefoot Contessa Online Lightroom Workshops Year-round

During this time of COVID-19, it makes total sense to sign up for an online photo workshop. And for some photographers who are not able to schedule a reg Lightroom Classic workshop, is perfect. We meet for three sessions over two days and cover pretty much everything from A to Z in this amazing program. We will take breaks so that you can give your brain a bit of a breather and absorb what you have learned thus far.

In addition, you will be working on your own photographs: after all, everyone has a different aesthetic. We will help you realize your vision in the editing/developing that takes place once you download your images.

First, however, we will take you through the robust DAM (Digital Asset Management) aspects of Lightroom Classic so that you can ultimately spend more time out photographing. Our participants have all remarked that they thought they knew Lightroom and didn't need the first session, but as one recent alumnus wrote ...

"It was a terrific workshop that really demonstrated much of the awesome power of Lightroom and hit many of the newer features in the latest Lightroom Classic release. I thought I knew Lightroom fairly well, just needed a little additional help with it. I couldn’t have been more wrong."

"This workshop was awesome and taught me many things I didn’t realize were there. There were so many cases of, 'I didn’t know you could do that!' that really justified the price of admission which, by the way, is way more affordable than many Lightroom workshops I’ve seen in other places. As a clear and immediate benefit of this workshop, I can now simplify my work flow, perhaps even terminating use of some of my plug-ins. So, thank you, Margo, for an excellent workshop."

We also go through the various modules, concentrating on the Develop one, but showing you around the other ones, too.

So, join in the fun, because we do have fun in our workshops, including these Zoom-based online ones!

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