Katmai Alaska Bears Photo Adventure July 2022

There is a moment in time each year when a major branch of the world’s biggest migration of salmon reaches a critical junction of two streams. There is a pause as individual salmon sort out which stream to ascend. Bears, which are normally solitary creatures, gather to feast on this momentary pause. We will be there too, with long lenses, tripods with gimbal heads, wearing waders and ready to capture special moments.

We will find bears tussling over who gets to fish first. We will find mothers with cubs and we will watch as bears showcase a number of unique styles of fishing. Our shutters will release in unison as a bear shakes all that water off! Look at the images on our web page to get a good idea on what to expect, and bring with you plenty of memory cards and batteries!

This program is built around five days of flying in small float planes to meet up with the current collection of bears deep in Alaska’s Katmai Peninsula.

This is a unique photographic adventure tied to a moment in time. But, we will also have opportunities to photograph bears catching jumping salmon at Brooks Falls. And, there will be opportunities to photograph, from our float planes, volcanos, glaciers and views of Alaska’s vast scenic open spaces.

This is small group photography and intense days in the field with bushes for restrooms and outstanding lunches you bring along. We will declare the group full at five rooms or seven participants, whichever we accomplish first!

$9,990 Double Occupancy; $11,490, Single Occupancy

Group Size
7 participants or five rooms, whichever comes first. Minimum 5 participants

Please see our COVID-19 Response and Offer on the Directory Company Page for Nature Photography Adventures

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