Lightroom To Print Photo Workshop March 2020

Learn how to post-process your nature and landscape images for fine art printing in the beautiful setting of Santa Barbara, California. This three-day class will be taught by Muench Workshops' very own Marc Muench in a private and comfortable conference room. The class will cover:

• Lightroom's Develop Module from top to bottom, including the use of Graduated and Radial Filters (including internal brushes) and Adjustment Brushes
• Photoshop for layering, sizing and sharpening for print

This is a comprehensive course in preparing files for print. You should be an intermediate user of Adobe Lightroom, comfortable with managing your files and familiar with where the tools and controls in Lightroom are. Everyone will be making 8x10" proof prints and will have the opportunity to have a final, larger metal print created by a local lab in Santa Barbara Photo Printing Pros.

There will be two sunset shoots planned, based on weather conditions. Lunch is included and Muench Workshops has several recommended hotels that will be close to the conference space. This is a great opportunity to come learn how to take your image making art to the next level, fine art printing!

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