Grand Canyon Photo Expedition May 2020

The Colorado River winds through massive canyon walls in one of the most scenic wonders of our world, the Grand Canyon. Join Muench Workshops pros Michael Strickland and Greg Vaughn for this photography workshop and expedition. The workshop will begin in Flagstaff, two days before the expedition, where you will be given lessons on composition, technique and image making in the field. Then, Arizona Raft Adventures will guide us on this eight-day expedition, rafting on the Colorado River. Following our eight days on the river, Michael and Greg will conduct a full day of image reviews, combined with post processing lessons, all with the images captured on the expedition. This will be held in a private meeting space in our hotel, with classroom-style seating so that everyone can participate, working on their own laptops.

A motorized raft offers a great way to experience the Colorado River. Safe and comfortable, with plenty of room for camera equipment, it allows for more time to explore and photograph. Our river guides will share canyon geology, early river running history, river ecology and many other facts and river lore. When you embark on this journey, everything needed for the entire expedition is carried on the raft. Arizona Raft Adventures pioneered the use of quiet engines and they are just big enough to steer our 32–34 foot long rafts. Their custom designed boat is comfortable, yet still offers excitement through the rapids. Our group size is small, allowing for everyone to spend time photographing in all the amazing locations. You will see 225 miles of the river from “put in” at Lee‘s Ferry to “take-out” at Diamond Creek. Daily itinerary includes rafting, camping, hiking, swimming and, of course, photography.

This will be a great opportunity to float through the deepest canyon on earth and capture images of beautiful caverns, waterfalls, streams and so much more. We will eat like royalty at every camp, where the guides will prepare amazing meals with fresh local meats, vegetables and herbs. All camping equipment will be provided.

You will come away with a much deeper knowledge of landscape photography, having spent an intense ten days around many like-minded aspiring photographers in a spectacular location.

Guests of all levels of rafting experience are welcome on this motorized raft trip. Non-photographer spouses, family members and friends are welcome.

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