Theodore Roosevelt National Park Photo Tour • USA June 2024 By Chuck Haney Photo Tours


$2,800 USD

Group Size

9 Persons

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of my absolute favorite parks. In fact, the second-best national park for photographing wildlife (behind only Yellowstone), in my opinion.

I have been visiting this uncrowded park for over 20 years to photograph and explore; I know the park exceptionally well and even have an amazing secret location in my back pocket. My book, ‘Theodore Roosevelt Impressions’ is now in its second printing.

Dramatic badlands and high plains are home to a large herd of bison residing along with bands of wild horses, elk, mule deer and prairie dogs. There are also plentiful birds, including songbirds, wild turkeys and owls.

We will be visiting when spring rains transform the prairie to a vibrant green, with stands of wildflowers adding accents to the already colorful landscape. Best of all, unlike other national parks, we will have the entire place ourselves.

I have taught classes in this special park many times. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park Photo Tour classes are usually small, and we have had spectacular results with both wildlife and the weather. Thunderstorms often pass through this region in June, and if the timing is right, rainbows and dramatic skies complement the fascinating badlands landscape. Everyone who has taken this class has loved the experience.

The small town of Medora, our base, has ‘cowboy charm’. Our delicious breakfast stops, The Cowboy Cafe and the Farmhouse, have become part of the workshop legend.


10 June 2024


4 Days

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