Bolivia Photo Tour April 2020

Salar de Ayuni and the Altiplano: Scenic landscapes in the Altiplano of Bolivia. Our photo tour in Bolivia leads through some of the worlds most fascinating landscapes. An the Altiplano, the high altitude Andean plateau, we will find stunning desert landscapes with herds of wild llamas, lagoons full of flamingos and snow capped volcanoes.

Highlights are the giant salt flats at Ayuni, the cactus studded island Isla Pescadero and the sandstone canyons and rock formations in southwestern Bolivia. We have the opportunity to practice light painting and Astro photography in the desert and at a train cemetery.

Besides stunning landscapes and wildlife we will meet the descendants of the Incas and the local Indian people in one of South Americas most dramatic countries. We will explore and photograph Bolivia with our native guides and 4x4 vehicles and drivers.

Tour leaders and Photographers will be Christian Heeb and Thomas Heitmar.

Optional stay on the Sun Island, the birthplace of the Inca Empire.

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