Senja Fjords Photo Tour • Norway September 2023 By Amazing Views Photo Tours


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Norway’s second largest island Senja offers wild and rugged landscapes. Situated between Tromso in the north and the Lofoten Islands in the south, Senja is still a hidden jewel compared to its famous neighbours.

Compared to the Lofoten Islands, it is still tranquil here. With its mountain peaks towering steeply over the fjords, mountain passes with beautiful viewpoints, picturesque fjords, lonely beaches and little-used winding roads, Senja is a dream destination for photographers.

In autumn, the landscape glows in golden tones for a few weeks. This makes the already beautiful scenery even more attractive. Weather in autumn can be stormy, leading to quickly changing light and weather moods. Fantastic colours and rainbows are no rarity. The northern lights can be seen during clear nights. The temperatures are pleasant in comparison to winter.


23 Sep 2023


6 Nights

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