Salt Flats of Atacama in Bolivia Photo Tour March 2020

The Bolivian salt flats are the largest in the world, almost 11,000 square kilometers. At this particular time of year they can fill with water from winter rains draining the high Andes that surround the flats. This will be an adventure to a unique and surreal landscape starting in one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert of Chile, and ending in La Paz, Bolivia. Due to the high altitude of the salt flats and surrounding Andes, we begin the trip at the lower altitude in the historic village of San Pedro de Atacama and travel the Andes through many amazing locations, where the guanacos and flamingos live.

Join Muench Workshops’ pros Randy Hanna and Cecilia Costa in this photography adventure. You will learn all about your camera settings and techniques to capture the reflections of the salt flats as well as the spectacular night skies of the Atacama, which are coveted by all the world’s astronomers. We have designed this photo tour to spend 3 nights at 8,000 feet so everyone has time to acclimate for the higher locations visited later in the trip in Bolivia. While acclimating in San Pedro de Atacama, we will photograph the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), Laguna Chaxa (Los Flamencos National Reserve) and Humdedal de Putana (Putana Wetland). These unique landscapes are at different elevations allowing all to acclimate and photograph a variety of landscapes.

Then we will pack into Land Cruisers and head to the Bolivia salt flats. There are a few long drives through amazing landscapes of the high Andes mountains as we venture north into Bolivia to the town of Uyuni and beyond. We will visit Laguna Colorado (home of 3 species of flamingo, as well as many other birds), Isla Incahuasi (large cacti hill) as well as many more great and exotic locations.

You will fly into the town of Calama, Chile and out of La Paz, Bolivia. Everything is covered from the airport pickup in Calama to the airport shuttle in La Paz. You will be expected to acclimate to 16,000 feet for the trip. There will be oxygen carried in each vehicle for emergencies use if needed. Because of this, there is an age limit for this workshop, you must be fit and 70 or younger.

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