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Cuba Photo Tour March 2020

Join Juan Pons and our local guides as we photograph the culture, people, landscape, architecture and history of this island nation and its beautiful people. Traveling to Cuba is a mesmerizing experience. Just 90 miles from the coast of Florida, the tense bilateral relationship and the U.S. embargo have kept many from visiting the island over the last five decades. The Cuban people, however, await U.S. visitors with open arms, ready to share their culture and history with their guests. Cuba is well known for its lively music, beautiful art, incredible architecture, success in sports and pure culture. We will spend 10 days capturing the essence of Cuba with our cameras. Expect long days full of great photo ops of all kinds! We have a full-time English-speaking guide with us for the entire trip, and Juan is also a native Spanish speaker.

But is it legal? You bet. The U.S. government authorizes people-to-people visits to Cuba, in which travelers are required to have a schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interactions between travelers and individuals in Cuba.

We have partnered with Cuba Educational Travel and their people-to-people license (No. CT-2012-294261-1) allows them to coordinate legal travel for Americans to meet the Cuban people and learn about Cuban society. We also work closely with Havana Culinary and Culture, another people-to-people license holder (No. CT-2013-300203-1), so that all of our trips are fully licensed by the U.S. Government. Yes, things are changing but as of now this is the way that you can legally travel to Cuba from the US.

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