Tanzania Photography Safari Feb 2021

Our Tanzania Photography Safari is timed to put us in position to encounter the Great Migration, just when a million baby wildebeest are being born! That moment is also etched into the plans of lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards - it is a great time to show up for a feast! And a great time for us to be in position with cameras.

Our safari first journeys to Tarangire National Park, where we will work hard with baobab trees and impressive families of elephants. Predators will lurk! Tarangire is a also a good place to photograph giraffes, raptors, hyrax, ostriches, primates and ungulates!

Then, we are off to the Ngorongoro Crater where we will have more time than most groups to work the wealth of photography opportunities. The crater, a giant volcanic caldera, is filled (naturally) with an incredible diversity of Tanzanian wildlife. Lions are easy, hyenas are common, hippos and rhinos are also there. Great opportunities with cape buffalo and other ungulates. Flamingos and crowned cranes are stars.

Then, the southern Serengeti, for our rendezvous with the great migration. Millions of wildebeest and half a million zebras! Expect to see lions, leopards and cheetahs. Baby wildebeest trailing umbilical cords, giraffes, cape buffalo, hippos and many varieties of antelope.

Did you know that Tanzania is home to 40% of Africa's lions? The Serengeti itself has 18%! Tanzania's low population and large protected areas set it aside from many of the sub-Saharan Africa safari destinations. If you only go on safari once in your life, we suggest this is the place and the time to do that. You will have a sense of what Africa 'was' before colonial times, and before population growth and modernization. We will see viable free roaming populations of the animals you want to photograph and the animals you mentally want to prosper. You will not be photographing animals inside enclosures or those 'brought in' to enhance your experience.

We are set up with up to five clients and one photography guide per vehicle. Our guides work closely with the local guides to position us for great angles for light and background. One-on-one support as we create images and plenty of time to talk photography in the lodges. Every lodge is quality, with electricity for charging and downloading.

This is one of two of our photography adventures most often described as 'life changing' and the safari most often repeated. There are many images on our website and more information. Secure your space early on this one!

$10,200 Double Occupancy, $11,400 Single Occupancy - Limited number of single rooms

Group size
4-15, never more than 5 clients per photography leader and vehicle

Please see our COVID-19 Response and Offer on the Directory Company Page for Nature Photography Adventures

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