Iceland Drone Photography Adventure July 2021

Iceland, land of fire and ice. Dramatic volcanic formations and steaming thermal features, gushing waterfalls, spectacular glaciers, glacial ice floating in lagoons and stranded on beaches. The juxtaposition of stark volcanic features with lush lime-green mosses.

Now, liberate yourself from the ground. Think about the perspectives you can achieve by moving your lens above the glacier, beside the waterfall, over the canyon, beyond where you can go on foot.

Drones can be fantastic photography tools if used responsibly. We have designed a tour to put you in great places to do that. We have navigated the rules and permits and with our guide, we have constructed an itinerary that puts you in fantastic positions to 'launch' your lens to find perspectives only limited by your creativity.

You won't come back with 'yet another image' like one you have already seen. Instead, you will see and photograph Iceland from vantage points other photographers simply can't get to. It is time to unleash your creativity!

This is the time when you won't have to wonder if there is another waterfall above the one you are looking at, and you won't have to wade a glacial melt stream to find out.

Let's create some art in Iceland. Bring your own drone and be adept at flying it. Bring plenty of batteries. Bring a still camera for those moments when weather interferes with drone flights. And bring a strong sense of creativity!

Picture copyright ©Sigurður Stefnisson

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  1. Hi, I’m very interested in this tour. I’m a little gun shy because I booked a Lapland tour for this month through this directory which was cancelled at the last minute when not enough people signed up. I got my money back, but still have a ticket. Maybe I can use it for this. Also, the virus here is a problem. I’d love to bring my wife as a assistant, is that possible? and if so what it would cost. I don’t know if I can take planning for months on a trip like this and having it fall through. Lodging included?

    • Hi Martin,

      Unfortunately, many of the places that are great for drones are snowbound in March and April, with interior roads opening late June. We may offer a similar adventure in the future, in another location, if this is well received!

      Thank you

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