South Dakota Badlands Photo Workshop • USA June 2023 By Arizona Highways PhotoScapes


$3,195 USD

Group Size

10 Persons

Endless prairies, rugged peaks, layered rock formations and a variety of wildlife are waiting to be captured during this South Dakota photography workshop.

Each day we will explore various Badlands National Park locations. Our days will begin at dawn to take advantage of the early morning light. Likewise, we will end each day’s activities at sunset. The lighting in the Badlands during the magic hours of sunrise and sunset casts a warm glow across the landscape. Subtle hues of red, yellow and tan become richer and the long shadows create stunning three-dimensional compositions. Likewise, at dusk and dawn, animals are more active and easily located. We will reserve mid-days for rest, reflection and image transfer. There will be a variety of photo opportunities including both spectacular scenery and plentiful wildlife.

Once the site of an ancient sea, the South Dakota Badlands have been transformed over thousands of years. Layers of sediment and ash were eroded away leaving behind multi-colored rocks and boulders balanced on pedestals of stone. Eroded canyons and isolated buttes stand as a testament to the power of nature. At first glance, the land seems sterile, yet close examination reveals a variety of photo opportunities. Agile bighorn sheep scale steep canyon walls. Pronghorn and bison graze on nutritious prairie grasses.

Join Sandy for an adventure in Badlands National Park surrounded by unusual geologic formations and her favorite wildlife haunts. As an added bonus, we will kick off the workshop with a few-hour walkabout in downtown Rapid City to capture interesting landmarks before heading into the Badlands.

If you want to see more of what the area offers, an optional 3-day add-on for the Black Hills is available for an additional $2195. This extension includes a helicopter flight over Crazy Horse Memorial, a visit to Mount Rushmore and capturing wildlife in Spearfish Canyon and other nearby locations.


06 June 2023


5 Days

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