Explore the Dorset Coast Photo Tour March 2020

The Dorset coast has quite rightly become a go-to place for landscape photographers but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still spectacular places to visit which aren’t quite so well known. In this residential tour we will visit the classic locations and also explore places you may not be so familiar with. What can be assured though is that the opportunity for stunning compositions will be plentiful.

During the workshop we will look at every aspect of digital photography, including composition, camera settings, management of the exposure triangle and post-processing.

We stay at small handpicked hotels centrally located to minimise travel and maximise time creating photographs. In the evenings we can share hints and tips on post-processing the day's best photographs.

I welcome attendees regardless of their level and work with them to help get the best out of each location we visit.

Expect early starts to capture the dawn and time in the evening to share your images and get help with post-processing.

Full details and a list of all workshop dates can be found on the website.

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