Iceland Photography Adventure July 2021

Puffins, glaciers, waterfalls, birds, volcanos, dramatic landscapes, black sand beaches, icebergs with waves breaking around them, an amazing geyser! Did we mention puffins?

Iceland has a short summer season and you have to time it just right to get access to the interior (landscapes, volcanos, thermal features, waterfalls) at the same time the majority of the world's puffins have come ashore to nest. We have that time nailed.

We will be well into the early summer melt-out, meaning waterfalls will be gushing gloriously. Roads will be open and we can find those black and red volcanic features adorned with thick blankets of mosses. Glaciers will be calving, and some of the resulting icebergs will make it to the sea and become stranded on black sand beaches.

We will have a private access to an offshore reserve where puffins nest. We will be able to photograph them from close distances without blinds and catch them in flight, bills full of fish! Skuas will be nesting nearby, enabling them to feed puffins to their chicks - photography of skuas is just as exciting as that of puffins! Loons and Arctic terns will be raising, defending and feeding young.

We will give you time to 'work' some great waterfalls - some of the big names, but more importantly some others with almost no one there (many don't even have names). There will be plenty of opportunities to build landscape compositions with flowing water or incoming waves. Oh, and we will look for compositions by walking on top of a glacier - with the right gear!

This is a great photography adventure to work on bird photography, advanced techniques for capturing flying birds, every technique related to waterfalls, and the management of challenging dynamic range (think about keeping textures in snow while maintaining detail in course lava gravel - along with puffy clouds and deep blue skies).

Join us - we will help you build skills and send you home with a great collection of images!

$8640 Double Occupancy, $9730 Single Occupancy

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