Ecuador Birds Photography Adventure June 2021

Ecuador, a land mass the size of Colorado, hosts 1 out of every 5 bird species on the planet making it the 4th highest nation on earth for bird diversity. That's not new! What is new is the partnership between small landowners and conservation that has protected habitat and yields an incredible opportunity to see and photograph a huge variety of birds in conditions that enable great photographic art!

We are talking the full color spectrum of tanagers, more kinds and shapes of hummingbirds than you knew existed, Cock of the Rock, toucans, barbets, motmots, quetzals, trogans, night jars and more!

We have built an itinerary that combines outstanding opportunities in a number of diverse ecological niches along with a great guide, comfortable lodgings and easy physical access! We have also included a session of multi-flash hummingbird photography. Oh, and a reflection pool with a built-in feeder!

We could go on and on gushing about all that you can see and photograph but space is limited here, click the sidebar button to see many more images and learn about this exciting photography adventure! Be sure to click on the gallery. And, check - there may be space left in June of 2020!

$5900 Double Occupancy, $6500 Single Occupancy

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