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Havana To Vinales Photographic Adventure

We will fly to Havana to work the streets. There will be an overnight to Vinales on the western end of the island. The valleys of Vinales hold the greatest tobacco fields in the world, which will be in full bloom. The farmers have opened their farms to us to photograph and learn about the famous Cuban cigar. The sunrises and sunsets will be taken while looking over the farmland. The artists of the area have invited us into their homes to listen to great music and talk art.

The great Cuban city of Havana on the north coast will be where we also create photographs with the boxers, dancers, artists and local Cubans.

This trip is for everyone interested in the experience of Cuba and in taking better photographs. This trip will get you involved with all aspects of Cuban life and culture. The places we will visit are off the beaten path at the right time of day.

The lush colors of Cuba will inspire you to create. The friendly locals and rich culture will embrace you with its kindness, music and art. We will travel the island from the busy city, to a private farm, all while being transported to the stone streets of the past. Have lunch with a notable Cuban artist in a working studio, stand in one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world, and capture that right hook. Photograph a blaze of colors of Spanish Dancers set against 15th century architecture. These are just a few moments of a trip that will capture your imagination.

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