Tuscany Photo Tour May 2020

A 6/7 day photo workshop in May 2/3-8, 2020 (one optional day free of charge) for up to 10 participants in the beautiful Tuscan landscapes in Italy. This time of year the Tuscan landscape is especially beautiful with a mix of colour from flowers, green grass and different types of crop. There will likely be red poppies at this time of year. The weather can be dramatic, offering wonderful opportunities for extraordinary pictures. The rolling fields are beautiful with different shapes and forms as the light touches their curves during the day.

Tuscany is a wonderland for photography. During the workshop you will be taken to the well known as well as lesser known places. Notice that there is an optional day before the workshop begins with early morning and late afternoon shoots.

In addition to the morning and late afternoon shoots there will be classroom sessions with photo critiques, presentations on optimal image quality and efficient shooting techniques. Post processing is really important and mandatory in order to get the best from the images captured by digital cameras. The classroom sessions will focus even more on this area than in past workshops with sessions on image editing from RAW capture to final edit. Also HDR techniques without the HDR look will be presented.

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