East Anglia’s Coastal Past Photo Tour Apr 2020

Did you know that the East Anglian coast is so diverse and so full of amazing scenes to photograph? This region of Britain's coast has had people living alongside it and trade taking place across it since the ice age and as such it is a coastline transformed by these influences.

For the landscape photographer with a keen interest in the human impact on our marine environments, this means that there is a fantastic range of subjects that will be shown off with different techniques and different light throughout the year.

On this workshop we will explore both the man-made and the natural environments creating unique compositions. I want you to create images that capture the special feeling of being there.

During the workshop we will look at every aspect of digital photography, including composition, camera settings, management of the exposure triangle and post-processing.

I will work with you regardless of what level you are at to help you get the best out of each location we visit.

Expect early starts to capture the dawn and time in the evening to share your images and get help with post-processing.

Full details and sample itinerary on the website.

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