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Southern New Mexico Winter Photo Workshop • USA January 2022 By Arizona Highways PhotoScapes


$2995 USD

Group Size

10 Persons

New Mexico is legendary for its enchanted light and the low sun angle of winter, and combined with the possibility of snow it can offer truly magical moments in all three of our workshop locations. Bosque del Apache, in a normal year, is one of the best places to photograph majestic sandhill cranes, roosting, feeding and in flight. The shallow ponds of the refuge make for great reflections of frequent colorful sunrises and sunsets. White Sands needs no introduction. In winter the crowds are thin, the air is clear and cold and the alpenglow is at its best.

Departing from Albuquerque, our first stop is the migratory ponds at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Tens of thousands of Sandhill cranes and snow geese can be found roosting in the ponds or taking flight in mass accession to search for food. This grand display of winged activity can only be surpassed by the cacophony of sound present from this throng of birds. Here, Michael will guide you on how to photograph birds in flight, using both slow and fast shutter speeds for different effects, panning to capture the essence of flight, and using the morning mist and light to create dramatic images. After two sunrise and sunset photo opportunities under our belts, we will then depart for our next destination further south.

A few hours south of Socorro is White Sands National Park where undulating gypsum sand dunes stretch to the horizon. Windswept dunes give way to intriguing compositions through the use of texture and lines. Crisp winter days often bring beautiful hues of blue and pink as the sun rises and sets across your field of vision. Michael will provide one on one assistance in the field to help you create mesmerizing images. When not in the field, Michael will conduct image critiques and assist participants with creative image-making.

If the conditions are right, as a special photo bonus, we will travel to capture spectacular views of the snow-dusted Organ Mountain range. These steep, angular rocky spires jut majestically above the Chihuahuan Desert floor reaching elevations of 9,000 feet. When the mountains are blanked in snow, these jagged peaks are perfectly picturesque and the ideal photo opportunity.

Join resident travel and adventure photographer Michael DeYoung on this six-day photo journey throughout southern New Mexico to capture this enchanted land in winter.


23 Jan 2022


6 Days

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