Total Galapagos Experience Photo Tour April 2020

Join pro photographer Don Mammoser and the best yacht crew in the business as we experience the Galapagos Islands.

This is not just any photo tour, this is a complete experience. You will be inspired, educated and thrilled by your decision to join this tour. You will go away with tons of amazing photographs which you captured during your eight days in the Galapagos. But beyond that, you will have seen and felt the Galapagos down in your soul in a much deeper way than in a regular tourist trip to the area.

Our family-owned and operated yacht, the Angelito, is incomparable and well-known for her caring crew of nine, her knowledgeable and passionate naturalist and awesome photography-themed itinerary. The yacht holds 16 passengers in eight very comfortable en-suite cabins. Angelito is a tourist superior class yacht. Maximum participants is 14 – never feel lost in the crowd!

Pro photographer Don Mammoser will be available at all times to help (if needed) with inspirational ideas about how to get the best wildlife (and scenic) photos. He has 19 years of experience leading clients all over the world and is well-known for his one-on-one teaching style.

Meals and non-alcoholic drinks are included and they are wonderfully delicious. You will eat like royalty.

We maximize our photography time on shore with an itinerary that no other boat offers. We visit places that National Geographic boats can't even get close to. We spend more time photographing and a lot less time jockeying for position than the larger boats.

April/May is the best time to be in the Galapagos as the islands are greener, the seas are calmer and tons of birds, including Albatross, are actively breeding and/or chick rearing.

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