Pantanal Wild Photography Adventure Oct 2021

The Pantanal in Brazil is the only place in the world where jaguars, habituated to photographers in boats, hunt during daylight hours. Hence it is the most predictable location on the planet to photograph jaguars.

We have secured the best arrangements - an outstanding guide who has a long relationship with all of these jaguars - and boats that are laid out so that each photographer has his/her own row and swivel seat. We have an outstanding 'jaguar camp' on a floating hotel right in the midst of prime jaguar habitat.

We have also arranged Pantanal ground lodges before and after our 'time on the rivers' to enable other great Pantanal wildlife and scenery photography.

In nature, one can never 'guarantee' to see and photograph a jaguar, but our tour is designed to put you as close to that guarantee as possible. We will also see and photograph a great variety of birds, including fishing kingfishers. We will photograph Giant River Otters and Jabiru Storks, the largest flying birds in the Americas! We have good chances at photographing ocelots and hyacinth macaws! Caimans and capybaras are prime food sources for the jaguars and will provide abundant photographic opportunities.

We are limited to six rooms and only two of those singles. Speak up for your space as soon as you can!

$7700 Double Occupancy, $8990 Single Occupancy

Please see our COVID-19 Response and Offer on the Directory Company Page for Nature Photography Adventures

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    • Hi Carole-Anne!

      Thank you for your interest in our Pantanal Wild Photography Adventure!

      While, technically, you could sign up any time in 2020, the real limit for this adventure is space. Once that is gone, you won’t be able to join us.


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