Humpback Whales Feeding Photo Tour • Alaska, USA March 2024 By Rod Barbee Photo Workshops


$3,520 USD

Group Size

10 Persons

Humpback whales’ bubble-net feeding on herring is one of those wildlife spectacles you won’t soon forget. And it is just about the most intense and exciting wildlife photography I have ever done.

Working together, a group of Humpback whales force the abundant herring into a small area on the surface, and then, all at once, the whales rise in a group, mouths wide open, and consume the herring.

Then the whales meander about, spouting and diving, some showing their tails, some breaching until they all dive and disappear. Then, it is a waiting game.

Below the surface, the whales start the dance again, finding herring surrounding them, blowing bubbles to corral them and, once again, surfacing to feed. But you don’t know exactly where. This happens over and over again.

Besides the whales, we may see bald eagles, gulls, fishing boats, and other marine mammals. And the scenery is just stunning.


26 Mar 2024


4 Days

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