Zimanga: Nature Photo Safari in the South African Bush

A week long stay in the mecca of the photo hides with professional guidance. Undoubtedly to come back with beautiful images. A unique experience.

Zimanga, in KwaZulu Natal, is the first reserve in Africa that is completely designed for nature photography, for both real safari lovers and hide photographers. The possibilities are amazing and, according to the Bence Maté standard, of the highest creative level.
7,000 hectares of wild wilderness, undulating landscapes and forests near the Mkuze river provide shelter for an impressive mass of animals. From leopards to cheetahs and lions, from nala to giraffes and elephants, many species are present here. Even more than 400 bird species have been seen.

Wildpix Travel photo trip to the hides of the BBC wildlife photographer of the year Bence Mate

If there is one name world famous in nature photography, then it is the Hungarian photographer Bence Maté. He dedicated his life to nature photography, where hard work and focus resulted in extremely creative and unseen images. That earned him an incredible list of prizes in the last 15 years. 5 x the title of Hungary's Photographer of the year, and in 2010 he won the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the highest possible award. In addition, he works for National Geographic. A gigantic reference for a man who makes images that make you dizzy.
He is the authority when it comes to photo hides. He knows how to invent the most thought-out techniques and creative positions in his many photo hides, from underground to underwater. Everything is fine in order to make unprecedented images.
After his successes in Hungary, Bence also built his unique photo huts in South Africa, in an amazing private reserve with all the impressive African species.
We as Wildpix Travel have been in good contact with Bence Maté for a long time and that is why we have the opportunity to offer this as well. So good news for you as a photographer, because as photohide specialists we can also take you to these fantastic places to discover and use these top hides.

The highest level of comfort and care

Staying in the greatest comfort and enjoying an exclusive reserve that only revolves around photography. To see and photograph the most beautiful African species in the best conditions. With guides who know perfectly how photography works and do everything to let you make the most beautiful photos. You will definitely learn from the other photographers and the guides will give you the necessary tips. A unique photo experience, that's what this trip revolves around.

The photo hides, of Bence Maté, have been perfected through the years, so you can make extremely creative photos. The positions are unique and in function of the best shot. A great comfort and the latest technical gadgets make it a very special experience as a nature photographer. Apart from the great varieties you get, you can also photograph them in an unseen way. In short, the best cabins in the world.

The overnight hides in Zimanga must be the most beautiful and innovative photo hides in the world. Concrete structures completely buried with a large mirror glass that looks out on a large drinking pool. Super comfortable! You sit in luxurious chairs and you look at a beautiful panorama. During the day, many bird species will come to drink and take a bath, but it will only become spectacular when the night falls and the lights switch on. You will wait excited, which animals will come to drink at night. Sometimes buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, rhinoceros ... But if you're really lucky, you'll meet hyenas, lions or even a rare leopard right in front of you!
It is a long session from the afternoon until the next morning, almost 10 pm, but you can experience it so comfortably that it is perfect to do. Air conditioning, 4 large beds, a kitchen and bathroom, reading corner, WiFi, in short, everything is there. You get dinner and breakfast, easy to warm up in the microwave, there is a fridge and coffee / tea as much as you wish. There are 4 large photo places with room for a tripod. If you want to go to sleep, others will keep the watch, and there is even a detection system that indicates with sound when an animal passes by.
The animals that come to drink can be admired from 2-3 meters and even with wide-angle photography is recommended. A unique experience that you will never forget!

The other hides are the lagoon hide, Be-eater hides and a Bird of Prey hide. In case you would like to know more about them visit our website.

Game Drives

But it’s not only hides! half of the time you make game drives. During the game drives you search for specific animals in safari jeeps. The target species you agree together for the departure. You're fine with up to 3-4 people, so no one in each other's way.

And the guides, all known to the requirements of photographers, stop at any time that you want. You get all the time for every photo you want. You can indicate whether you simply want light, backlight or silhouettes against an evening sky. The drivers do everything to give you the perfect shot.

The stay and your day schedule

The rooms in the bungalows and villa’s are very comfortable. So great places to sleep and relax.

Guides are divided over the groups of 3-4 people for the activities of that week. That works the most convenient and it is pleasant to get to know each other. The days are always divided into a half-day game drive and half-day hides. Those pre-made schedules ensure that everyone gets maximum opportunities at all hides. You will have to overnight hide sessions, one in each of the two overnight hides.

Unforgettable experience

Even photographers with an extensive safari experience do find this trip unique. We are sure you would like to know more, so have a look at our website!

Unique safari and hide photography opportunity in South Africa

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      Your concern is understandable. The light is on the whole night. The waterhole is specially created for this purpose. The animals decide themselves to enter the area.

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