Around Iceland Winter Photo Workshop March 2020

Our Around Iceland Winter Photo Workshop is one of our speciality. Arctic Exposure has been offering this workshop for almost a decade, and we know every nook and cranny of our unique island. You will visit ice caves, photograph the Northern Lights and enjoy the winter landscape of Iceland.

Iceland in winter is a unique place with frozen waterfalls, beautiful ice caves, glaciers and frozen lagoons – and, of course, the fantastic Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). We will travel from Reykjavik, visit the favourite locations of south coast of Iceland, the Myvatn area in the north and explore hardly visited and less known areas.

Some of the locations are only passable with the necessary knowledge and our modified super trucks. Our photography locations in North Iceland are known as some of the world’s best areas to view and photograph the northern lights.

Winter 2019/2020
November 15 – 25, 2019 (Available)
November 29 – December 9, 2019 (Available)
January 17 – 27, 2020 (Available)
February 1 – February 11, 2020 (Available)
February 14 – 24, 2020 (Available)
March 6 – 16, 2020 (Available)

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