Vietnam Backroad and Byways Photo Tour Sep 2020

Well off the tourist trail but home to its most spectacular landscapes, the far north of Vietnam is an adventurous travel photographer’s paradise. Terraced rice fields trace the land’s contours transforming lush mountains and canyons into living topographic maps. Opportunities for portfolio-worthy images abound, but dramatic landscapes are just the beginning of what this rugged territory has to offer.

Most of Vietnam’s intriguing ethnic minority groups are also concentrated in the north. Red Dao, Black Tay, Flower Hmong... these unique subcultures bear names as colorful and distinctive as their elaborate traditional attire. We will meet members of these groups throughout our journey – tending their crops, gathered in marketplaces and in their homes, sharing meals as part of rural home-stays.

Visiting this region without exploring its magnificent coastline wouldn’t be right. So, we will conclude our travels in the north with two days aboard ship, sailing through tranquil seas as we make photographs of the fishing culture and towering rock formations known as karsts. Halong Bay is neither unknown nor uncrowded, but spending a night on the water will help us reach the less-visited portions of the bay.

Highlights Include:
• Unique Itinerary - Authentic, Immersive, Far Off the Beaten Path Experience
• Spectacular Rice Terraces - in prime condition, just before harvest
• Halong Bay - Overnight Cruise through this world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site
• Breathtaking Landscapes, Majestic Mountains, Spectacular Waterfalls
• Colorful Ethnic Minorities - Red Dao, Black Tay and Flower Hmong (and many more, each in their unique traditional attire
• Hanoi - the Old Quarter, bustling markets and more

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