Churchill Polar Bears Photo Tour Session 2 Nov 2020

Every autumn, hungry polar bears concentrate along the shores of the Hudson Bay anticipating the annual freeze-up that provides access to their favorite prey, seals. Churchill, Manitoba, located on the western shores of the Hudson, is one of the first places where the bay freezes solid. The Churchill region is also one of the largest polar bear denning grounds on earth. That’s why Churchill is known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World and the premier place to capture portfolio-worthy images of polar bears and other arctic wildlife in their natural habitat.

Field time is everything in wildlife photography and we have designed this workshop to maximize your shooting time. Within hours of touchdown in Churchill, we will be in the field hunting polar bears with our cameras. Every day afterward we will start pre-sunrise and finish after dusk with just a few breaks for a hearty lunch and to heed the calls of nature.

Tundra buggies are fine for wildlife viewing but make terrible platforms for photography. So, we will get around in private vehicles piloted by highly experienced bear guides who thoroughly understand photographer’s needs. Whenever we are not actually shooting, we will be patrolling the shoreline of Hudson Bay and backroads of Churchill in search of polar bears and other arctic wildlife.

This far north the sun never climbs too high in the sky in winter, which means magic hour stretches into magic hours. Great light... check.

Ken will be by your side throughout the expedition to help you make the most of every opportunity and to offer tips, critiques, and coaching.

We will use our day in Winnipeg to review wildlife photography fundamentals – everything from proper tripod technique to exposure settings and focus modes. Ken will also cover more advanced tips specific to the conditions we will encounter in Churchill. We will also spend much time talking about practical ways to develop your Photographer’s Eye and expand your creative vision.

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