Amazon to Andes Peru Photo Tour May 2020

Peru contains more than its fair share of wonders for the curious travel photographer. Join us on this beyond-the-beaten-path adventure as we explore the thin air of the Andes and thick jungles of the Amazon basin as well as fascinating cultures past and present. Some sights just shouldn’t be skipped, so we will pay proper homage to must-see attractions like Machu Picchu and Rainbow mountain, but we will also travel well off the tourist trail in search of more authentic visions of Peruvian life.

Find out why it is worth the effort to be among the first to enter Machu Picchu when the gates to the former Inca capital open at sunrise. Meet the Quecha, the Inca’s modern-day descendants and be captivated by their colorful and elaborate traditional attire. Ride the trail of the 7 lagoons on horseback and capture their iridescent shades of blue and green.

The Amazon portion of our itinerary is starkly different but equally fascinating. Here, we will seek out the jungle's inhabitants on foot and on river boats. Parrots, toucans, monkeys, caiman, capybara and giant river otters are just a few of the species of wildlife we will likely encounter in this epicenter of biodiversity. We will also meet the people of the rainforest like the Machiguenga tribe in visits to their villages and the markets of Puerto Modonado.

Highlights Include:
• Sunrise at Machu Picchu
• Spectacular Rainbow Mountain
• Jungle Wildlife - photograph Parrots, Monkeys, Caiman, Capibara and other creatures of the rainforest deep in the Amazon Basin
• Indigenous Cultures – meet the modern-day descendants of the Inca and inhabitants of the rainforest in isolated communities far off the tourist trail
• Street Photography in Lima and Cusco

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