Rolling Hills of the Palouse June 2020 Photo Tour

The Palouse is a photographer’s dream. Graphic landscapes, character-filled barns, rolling hills, a fence made of metal wheels, old cemeteries (well, old for the west coast) and, of course, the unequaled view from Steptoe Butte. The possibilities are endless. You can literally spend the day driving the back roads and not run out of things to photograph. These and more make the rolling hills of the Palouse a bucket-list destination for many photographers.

I have been visiting the Palouse for over twenty years and leading workshops there for over a decade, and the Palouse is still one of my favorite places to photograph. The Palouse can be different every year. Crops rotate, barns collapse, I hear about a place I have never been to. Each year I come back with images of things I have never seen before.

During the workshop we will help you with the finer points of landscape photography such as hyperfocal focusing, using graduated filters, setting up for panoramas and helping you to fine tune your compositions. We will have early morning and sunset shoots as well as mid-day outings as conditions allow – and naps, you will need naps at this time of year. Classroom sessions will also include tips on using Lightroom and other things digital.

This trip is planned around the time of the new moon, so if you are up for it, we will see what we can do with the night sky as well.

Your leaders for this trip are Rod Barbee and Cliff Zenor, both of whom have been leading or co-leading trips for the better part of two decades.

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