Outer Banks Autumn Photo Workshop • N Carolina, USA October 2022 By Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures


$1,880 USD

Group Size

8 Persons

The Outer Banks are part of our own back yard that we know so well, and we will go to great locations where you can celebrate your passion for photography, hone your seeing and imaging skills and learn about the magic of light to make wonderful photographs. Who knows, you might join the increasing number of photographers who have won awards with images they have created in our workshops!

We will be based in Nags Head, near all our locations, making it easier to get up for those early morning shoots! Every day the landscapes and seascapes take on a different look, depending upon the weather and time of day.

There is so much more than just lighthouses to photograph, but for those who love these beacons of light, each lighthouse, with its unique shape and pattern, has a particular flash sequence, so even at night or early in the morning you will know which one you are seeing and photographing. As someone who grew up sailing, I can tell you how important that is!

Surrounding the lighthouses are the salt marshes with their many varieties of reeds and grasses, small skiffs dotting the estuaries, changing reflections, sand fences trying to save the dunes, wildlife and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Even in inclement weather, particularly in inclement weather, our locations are dramatic against a stormy sky. Take a look at our blog ‘Blue Skies, Who Needs’em’ and you will see what we mean.

The National Seashore has many other interesting subjects — the patterns of the sand dunes, sea oats and beach peas, and surf pounding the deserted beaches.

We are committed to keeping our participants as safe as possible during this pandemic and beyond. To that end, we:
• Select our accommodations based on their adherence to CDC guidelines
• Maintain our own COVID-19 protocols
• Monitor other applicable mandates

For our workshops, everyone must be fully vaccinated and boosted according to CDC guidelines with a certificate of same and be prepared to be masked.

Price: $1880 with possible discounts


17 Oct 2022


5 Days

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