Great Bear Rainforest Sea Wolves Photo Tour • Canada 2023 By Tim Irvin Photo Tours


$5,768 CAD

Group Size

7 Persons

The coastal or ‘sea wolves’ of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest are fascinating predators genetically and behaviourally distinct from interior wolves. For the wildlife photographer, they are the holy grail of coastal wildlife. On these expedition-style adventures, we immerse ourselves in the world of these animals on a remote and wild island where few humans visit, and wolves are the top predators.

Although wolves are notoriously elusive, we have spent much time in this area and have become familiar with the local pack’s activities. We have seen wolves on all seven of our past expeditions dating back to 2017, with excellent images captured on every expedition. It can take a lot of patience to succeed with wolves, but it is well worth the effort.

We are the only commercial operator offering tours specifically designed around wolf photography in the Great Bear Rainforest. So, if coastal wolves are on your bucket list, we humbly suggest you will not find a better opportunity than this.

Previous guests have said these exciting tours make you feel like you are on a National Geographic assignment in a wild place where wolves outnumber people. It is the antithesis of Yellowstone!

Join us for this incredible wildlife adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest!

Workshop Starting Dates
June 26
July 2
Aug 10
Aug 15

$5,768 – $6,689 +5% tax (Canadian dollars)


26 June 2023


6 Days

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