Abruzzo Photo Workshop October 2019

A 7 day (6 nights) photo workshop October 26/27 - November 1, 2019 for up to 10 participants in beautiful Abruzzo, Italy at the best time for autumn colours in one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. The areas around Gran Sasso is the main target for the workshop. There are many angles to these landscapes and picturesque small villages nearby which may also be explored. The locations will depend on the weather. The altitudes vary from about 1000 to 2000 meters. Notice that there is an optional day before the workshop on October 26 and see the schedule for the workshop.

In addition to the morning and late afternoon shoots there are class room sessions with photo critiques, presentations on optimal image quality and efficient shooting techniques. Post processing is really important and mandatory in order to get the full potential from the images captured by digital cameras. The classroom sessions will now focus even more on this area than in past workshops with sessions on image editing from RAW capture to final edits. Also, HDR techniques without the HDR look will be presented.

The workshop is aimed at giving the participants the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Europe and capture great pictures. You can see examples of pictures taken at the locations and at the time of year for the workshop by visiting the website and scrolling down the page. The instructor is Hans Kruse, owner of HansKrusePhotography. He is very experienced in landscape photography and in post processing techniques.

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