Rocky Mountain National Park Photo Tour

Waterfalls, Lakes and Night Skies of Rocky Mountain National Park • June 15-19, 2020 - Estes Park, Colorado

Spend 5 days exploring glacier-fed waterfalls and alpine lakes in rugged Rocky Mountain National Park. June is one of the best times to shoot waterfalls in Colorado when spring rains combine with snow melt to maximize water flow. We will explore the Wild Basin, Glacier Gorge, Dream and Emerald Lakes and other lovely locations inside and outside the park, high in the Rocky Mountains.

Colin Young will share his various techniques and strategies for taking beautiful photographs of waterfalls and flowing water.

The workshop is scheduled near the new moon, so we will also spend at least one night high on Trail Ridge Road - which at 12,000' of elevation has some of the best views of the night sky and Milky Way in the Front Range.

This workshop will involve 3-5 miles of rugged hiking per day at 8,000-11,000′ elevations. Participants must be in good physical shape. If you are coming from sea level, plan to come a couple of days early to acclimatize yourself to the high elevations.

Skills Needed
All skill levels are welcome. Participants who have a basic understanding of digital workflow and knowledge or exposure to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom will get the most from this workshop.

Limited inexpensive housing options at a luxury rental property in Estes, Park are available. Workshop registration fee does not include housing.

8 participants Max!

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